Types of Promotional Pens

The vast array of promotional pens available can be daunting at first. When trying to choose the ideal pen for your advertising needs they can be split into two main groups, plastic pens and metal pens. Plastic pens are usually the cheapest and are by far the most commonly used for marketing. Metal pens are perfect for that extra special gift to valued customers or to commemorate special occasions.

The various designs of promotional pens include different methods of being switched on. Push action pens have a button which, when pressed, operates the pen. Twist action promotional pens, as the name suggests, are operated by twisting part of the barrel. The simplest promotional pens are stick pens, which have a removable cap, revealing the writing point of the pen.

Plastic pens are the mainstay of the promotional gift market with literally hundreds of styles to choose from. Every year new promotional pens appear with unique design features making them instantly appealing, a big advantage in any advertising campaign.

Whether buying plastic or metal promotional pens your budget and type of promotion will largely dictate your final choice, which is why Promotional Pen Site offers a range of pens in each category.

For further information or to receive samples of any of our promotional pens before placing an order please contact us by email: info@promotionalpensite.co.uk or telephone 0845 4591035 to speak to an advisor.

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