Promotional Pens - Printing Methods Used

Screen printing is widely used to produce printed pens. Modern automatic machines are able to print up to 4000 pens per hour. This process is suitable for all pens with a straight barrel. Specially designed machines can accurately reproduce multi-coloured logos on the pens.

Pad printing enables the clips of printed pens to be personalised whether they are flat or curved. This process is also ideal for printing on curved barrels of pens, such as the Rio Satin pen. Whilst not usually as fast as screen printing, printed pens with multi-coloured logos can be produced with accurate registration.

Adhesion of the ink is paramount, so special inks are used depending on the material that the pens are made from. The ink used on most plastic promotional pens dries within minutes. Metal pens require a special ink which has a curing time of up to three days. This ensures the printed image will not rub off immediately when touched.

Carefully calculated formulae are used when mixing inks to reproduce the Pantone colours required on the printed pens. Thus your corporate logo can look as good on a pen as it does on paper.

Promotional Pen Site has a range of printing machines enabling us to produce printed pens at competitive prices as well as closely monitor the quality of the finished item.

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