Printed Pens : Choosing the Right Pen

Printed pens should be an essential item in your stock of promotional gifts. Printed pens are economical to produce and can be widely distributed at little cost. However, as any business has a limited budget to spend on advertising it is important to spend it wisely and choose the right printed pens for your marketing campaign.

Printed pens are available in hundreds of different styles and colours and can be made of plastic, metal or eco friendly materials such as cornstarch and recycled paper.

There are many aspects to choosing the right printed pen. Firstly decide what you what printed on the pen. Will this be a logo and text, a website address, telephone number, product information or a specific message? How many colours will be printed? Can some of the information be printed on the clip of the pen?

A company logo is often multi-coloured, so be careful to choose a promotional pen that can be printed with the desired number of colours. Choosing a suitable colour of printed pen is also important to ensure that your logo is clearly visible. As printed pens come in a wide variety of colours you may also wish to choose one that matches your company’s colours.

Judge how the logo will look when reduced to a size appropriate for the pen. Some printed pens have a large print area whereas some have a very small print area. Often, a web address or telephone number can be printed on the clip of the pen.

Creating a lasting impression is vital, so you may opt for a design of printed pen that has a good reputation for quality and durability. There are also some modern eye-catching printed pens that will attract people’s attention.

When buying printed pens perhaps the main thing to consider is the cost. By knowing your total budget and roughly how many pens you will need you can then calculate the cost per pen. From there you can browse the vast range available.

At Promotional Pen Site we have sorted the printed pens into price order to make it easier to find the right pen for your budget. Printed pens can also be viewed by style.

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